Help us grow TGP Commons Farm

From October 16th (World Food Day) through December 31st, we're calling on our community to help us raise $10,000 to jump start the TGP Commons Farm. We hope you'll join us and become a Friend of the Farm!



Donations can also be mailed to:

The Growing Project
PO Box 388
Fort Collins, CO 80522

Please make checks payable to The Growing Project and note "Friends of the Farm" on the memo line.

The Growing Project has reached thousands of Fort Collins residents over the past 12 years with programs at over 20 farms and gardens. Now, we have an opportunity to secure a long-term lease and build a more permanent home where we can plant the seeds of justice for generations to come.

Our ideal local food system is one that recognizes the inherent connection between social, environmental, and economic justice. Central to this vision is the need for more commons spaces in which cultural and natural resources - including food, land, water, knowledge, decision-making power, and economic opportunity - are accessible to all.

Food is about relationships - with each other, and with the earth - and we hope this new space will serve as a vibrant community center. In addition to a larger space for our current programs like Growing Handz, Kids Feeding Kids, Growing Civic Leaders, and Horticulture Therapy, we envision 1-2 acres of organic food production, a field for pollinator plants, a food forest and orchard, a stage for speakers and events, a community kitchen for cooking and food preservation classes, restrooms, multiple shade structures, and seating. We also want to launch a community composting program, host educational school field trips, and start an equitable community supported agriculture (CSA) program.


Through relationships with a variety of community partners, we're currently in the process of identifying a space that has appropriate water rights, is close to public transit, and is accessible to people of all ability levels. We know that bringing this vision to fruition will require many hands and multiple years of planning, work, and love. This fall fundraiser will help us sustain our current operations, expand our staff, and dig deeper into the planning for our new space. We hope that you'll donate to become a Friend of the Farm and help us grow this vision!